Annual General Meeting
& elections of new office bearers

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Major Activities

Uganda  Statistical Society (USS)
The Uganda Statistical Society organizes a number of professional events which include;

1. Monthly Statistical Seminars
The committee resolved to maintain and organize monthly USS seminars preferably every first Friday of the month and they provide a platform for members to share experience, ideas and acquire more statistical knowledge.

2. Public lectures
These are usually held in the various universities. Students are enlightened by successful senior members of the society about the statistics profession and on how to become successful in different careers.

3. Annual Dinners and Workshops
 The society organizes a dinner for its members, which helps to provide a moments of togetherness as all members of the society are invited to dine together.

4. Conferences
 The society organizes conferences for its members, which provide moments of togetherness for all members of the society.

5. Special forums and Breakfast meetings
The society organizes special forums and breakfast meetings for togetherness of members.

6. Annual General Meetings
USS holds an annual General Meeting (AGM) every year, in which the Executive Committee gives a report of what transpired during the year and provide to the members its future plans. Every two years at the AGM members elect a new Executive Committee.

7. National and International day Celebrations
 USS joins other stakeholders to organize the African Statistics week that usually take place annually in month of November.

These activities focus on the areas that promote and safeguard the collection, compilation, tabulation, analysis and publication of Statistics. They also stimulate research in statistics, its teaching and applications in planning and decision making in both the public and private sectors in Uganda.

The USS, plans to set up statistical consultancy at corporate universities with  services to the public. We hope this will reduce on reporting of false or inaccurate statistics.

In search for collaboration with international NGOs and other agencies there is a strong need for development of a strategic plan for USS. From such a plan the potential partners identify areas of collaboration with the USS.  The USS management has already contacted some international agencies who have indeed demanded for the strategic plan.