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& elections of new office bearers

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  • Eligibility; - Membership is restricted to persons who have an active interest in the objective of the society. Every member is required to uphold the dignity of the profession.
  • Selection; -All associations, institutions, companies and physical persons that wish to be admitted should uphold the dignity of the profession.
  • New Members will be announced at the AGM and presented with a Certificate.

There are five categories of membership of the Society, namely: Ordinary Membership, Associate Membership, and Corporate Membership. Student Membership and Honorary Membership

a) Ordinary Membership
Any person with a certificate, diploma or degree in Statistics, or any other related subject, from a recognized institution with reasonable knowledge in Statistics, or anyone engaged in the application of statistics in Government, Industry or any other organization, or anyone engaged in the teaching of Statistics in any recognized school or institution shall be eligible to be an Ordinary member of the Society.
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b) Associate Membership
Any person/group that does not qualify to be an Ordinary Member but is interested in the activities of the Society may be recommended by any Ordinary Member to the Executive Committee for Associate Membership. The membership shall become effective with the approval of the General Meeting.

c) Corporate Membership
i) Any organization collecting or using Statistics and
ii) Any Statistics Club, Society or Association of a recognized school or institution.

d) Honorary Membership
Any person/group whose former or current statistical activities merit it, may be recommended by any Ordinary Member of the Society for Honorary Membership, with the approval of the Executive.

e) Student Membership
Any student of statistics studying statistics and allied subjects in a recognized school, or institution shall be eligible to be a student member of the society.

Associate, Corporate, Honorary and Student Members shall be entitled to all the benefits and privileges of membership except that they shall not be qualified to be officers, members of the executive Committee or to vote unless otherwise stated.
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Admission to membership of the Society shall be by Executive Committee unless otherwise stated.
Every candidate for admission as a member shall fill an application form designed for the purpose and shall be recommended by an Ordinary Member.
In case of doubt as to whether one qualifies for membership at all or for a particular category of membership, the Executive Committee shall decide otherwise by a simple majority vote.
Fellows of the Society
a) Any Ordinary Member with distinguished service to the Statistics profession may be nominated in writing by any other Ordinary Member to the Executive Committee for election as a Fellow of the Society. Such nomination shall be supported also in writing by another five Ordinary Members. The Executive Committee shall deliberate on the nomination and make a recommendation to a General Meeting.
b) The method of election will be by unanimous vote of those members present and voting at the general election.
c) The General Meeting, at which the election of a Fellow of the Society is to be discussed, shall require a written notice to members for at least two weeks.

d) Every year, admissions of fellows to the society should not exceed three people.
e) A Fellow of the Society may write the letters “F.U.S.S.” after his/her name, to show that he/she is a Fellow of the Society.

Cessation of Membership
a) A member may resign his membership at any time by making a written notice to that effect to the General Secretary. The resignation will only be effective upon acceptance by the Executive Committee.
b) In the interest and aims of the Society the Executive Committee may suspend a member for a maximum of one year from the Society. Such a member shall forfeit his membership rights during the period of such suspension.
c) All cases of suspension shall be reported to the next General Meeting.
d) The General Meeting may set up a Disciplinary Committee to decide whether the member should be expelled or reinstated. The recommendation of such a Committee shall be ratified at a General Meeting by a simple majority of members present at voting.

e) A member who resigns or is expelled from the society shall forfeit all claims to and interest in any property of the Society.

Membership Fees

Members are expected to pay the membership fees as follows:

  • Student member pays shs.20, 000 for the maximum of 3 years.
  • Ordinary member pays shs.100, 000 to join and 50,000 annually.
  • Corporate member pays shs. 1,000,000 for registration and shs. 700,000 annually.
  • Associate and Honorary members pay shs.100, 000 to join and 50,000 annually.

 A member can opt to be a life member by paying a fee of shs.1, 000,000 (Shillings One Million)

Payment of fees can be made through
Bank Account No; 6003646732 in Barclay Bank Kampala in the names of The Uganda Statistical Society (USS)

or paid at our office at Statistics House Room G.4 on Ground Floor or
To designated persons at various institutions and organizations.